You don’t have to be a billionaire to change the world.
You can do it $3 and $5 at a time.


Meet Lindsay

She has a passion for making a difference. A friend tells her about a new philanthropy tool, instead, that she can use to give even more to the causes that she already supports.

Fun Micro-donations

Lindsay discovers that instead of buying a couple of coffees, she can brew her own and save $10.


Challenge Accepted

Lindsay accepts the challenge and is thrilled to get to make a difference. Each time she brews a coffee, she logs it in the app and donates a few bucks.


Both lives affected

Not only did a person get clean drinking water but Lindsay’s life was touched in the process. She realized that consumption-conscious decisions connect her heart with the needs of others.


Multiply Your Impact With Friends

Micro-philanthropy challenges are more fun and and have greater impact when shared with friends. Do you know a co-worker that’d be willing to pack their lunch with you once a week? What about asking a group of friends to cook dinner together one evening? These shared social experiences can add up to significant social good.

Corporate Social Good

People and companies alike can team together to adopt a worthwhile mission. Rally your co-workers and HR department to all pack their lunch once a week on a certain month. By collectively accepting a micro-giving challenge, your company can make a sizeable footprint for a cause. This time together may build a shared sense of corporate community and foster a responsible giving passion in the process.

Special Thanks

The instead team couldn’t afford to build this mission without the generous support of Michael and Xochi Birch along with our friends at Oven Bits. We’re extremely grateful of their rigorous support.